Daniel Schiavini's Picture. He is displayed in a dark gray background with a large smile. His hairs are black, his skin and eyes are brown.

Daniel Schiavini

Freelance Software Engineer

Utrecht, Netherlands

Who I am

Hello, I am a young full-stack software engineer with many years of experience. I am involved in all phases of software development and I've gathered experience with many programming languages, frameworks and platforms. Lately I used C#, C++, Python, JS and Haskell among others, but I refuse to be limited by these tools.

With the exponential growth of our technology, possibilities of computer science to solve the world's problems keep on growing every day. It's therefore not a surprise that software engineers are forced to keep on learning. And learning is my passion.

Since I started on the web in 97, computers became 1000+ times faster, smaller, cheaper and more communicative. Therefore I believe we must continue innovating the way we develop software. Agile methods like Scrum, cloud and machine learning are advances but we should not stop there.

In all areas of knowledge we must use the scientific method: testing our beliefs and predictions is of fundamental importance; being wrong is the greatest opportunity for learning something new...

What I can do

I worked on decade-long projects, e.g. S5p satellite for KNMI/ESA, and on week-long fast-paced sprints. I developed for tiny companies and huge multinationals in India, Brazil and the Netherlands, in fluent English, Dutch and Portuguese. Code I wrote is processing from few bytes to several terabytes today while you read this.

I contributed to software for 3D-printing, security, video, students, paint mixing, Earth observation, eggs, railway monitoring, railway planning, app analytics, learning, burial insurance, construction, agribusiness, shops, government, games and more.

I oftentimes start from understanding the problem, communicating with stakeholders and designing a solution. Then, choosing the best tools, learning more about them, describing and validating requirements, writing the code, carefully testing it, packaging it, deploying, monitoring and (of course) celebrating. That's what I love, that's what I am good at. And I do it very quickly.